Why I Decided to Rebrand

Friendly reminder that my forté falls inline with the sciences, not with English/grammar.

Hi, I’m Alexis Montgomery.

I entered this lifestyle about 4 years ago and decided to rebrand because, quite honestly, it’s time to.

My name has not changed, but my life has. If you’ve read one of my previous blogs regarding my 2-year anniversary, you know that I came into this world when I was a struggling freshman in college who was having a difficult time adjusting to the “real world”. I joined a local review board and began my journey.

Going with an age old reference: Companions are like fine wine, they get better with age. I’ve learned a lot throughout my years and have grown as an individual in a multitude of ways. I’m more mature and collected than I was when I first started. I hold myself to the utmost standard and set firm boundaries. I believe in quality over quantity. I garnered an empathetic touch and learned how to truly feel and understand others emotions. I became more knowledgable and now hold a college degree. I’ve learned the impact that sharing love, laughter, and happiness with one another can have… I could continue to sit here and type a million and one reasons why I felt the need to rebrand, but the point is that I’m just more experienced in general and needed my branding to reflect that, I’m not the same girl that I was 4 years ago. Are you the same person you were when you were 19?

I hope you enjoy my new site, new photos, and the “new” Alexis Montgomery.

With Love,