Alexis Montgomery

ATX Favorites (Local Date Ideas)

Alexis Montgomery
ATX Favorites (Local Date Ideas)

ATX Favorites (Local Date Ideas)

Posted: Mar 2nd 2018 at 05:04PM

One of my favorite things to do during our date is to go out and about. I love spending time cuddling under the covers with you, but going out adds a whole new dynamic to dates and I think it truly makes the "Girlfriend Experience”. Here are some of my favorite places (or places that sounded really neat) in Austin, Texas.


I included an estimated price range for each of these places to help you plan out your trip and/or our date. I tried to also include what kind of man, or what kind of date that these locations would be perfect for. Each category is in order from "the best" to "good"... but keep in mind, this is still a favorites list, so none will disappoint!


Budget ($)

Midrange ($$)

Splurge ($$$)


(*) Asterick means I have not been there personally, but I would love to! (ideally with you)




Breakfast/Brunch: Ideal for dates that run overnight.

-Tyson’s Tacos & Tacodeli ($) – Breakfast tacos are a staple in Austin. I have never been disappointed by either place.

Fun Fact: every Tuesday and Thursday I get Tacodeli for breakfast before class.

- Snooze Eatery ($$) – This is a wonderful brunch spot I recently discovered. Get ready for a wait, but I promise it is worth it.

-Mozart’s Coffee Roasters ($) – Don’t underestimate a coffee joint. A hot cup o’ joe and a fresh, warm blueberry scone is the perfect start to any morning.




-Perry’s Steakhouse ($$$) – This may not necessarily be local, but it is by far my personal favorite steakhouse in Austin. Ideal for the kind, caring man who wishes for a quiet evening out with a beautiful lady. Not too upscale, but not too casual either. It makes a comfortable and romantic environment to get to know each other. Great choice for newbies or really anyone, this restaurant always excels.

-Uchi ($$$) – An upscale and modern sushi joint located in downtown Austin. The vibe is lively and the sushi melts in your mouth like butter. This would definitely be a great place to take two ladies (I have a friend in mind) before we head out on the town. It can be a little loud, so it may not be best for a private dinner 1 on 1.

-RA Sushi ($$) – I tried this restaurant for the first time yesterday and I was highly impressed with every item I got. Many of their rolls are fried so it can be a heavy meal, but there are also plenty of lighter options to balance things out. A great spot for the young and hip gent who wishes to have a semi-casual night out. Best for established dates due to the fact it can be a little lively at times.

-*Chez Nous ($$$) – I’ve never been to France, but I assume this is as close as it gets (in ATX). A small French bistro located downtown. Perfect for the shy, sweet man who wants an intimate dinner 1 on 1.

-*Franklin’s BBQ ($$) – I personally have not had the chance to try this hot spot, but from my understanding, it is hands down, the best barbeque in Texas. You will likely be in line for multiple hours (but I can keep you entertained), so make sure to eat a light snack before and get ready for the best barbeque of your life (supposedly). A good choice for the Chatty Cathy who doesn’t mind waiting in line and sharing stories and laughter with a beautiful lady.. or two!

-The Oasis ($$) – The food is good.. but the view is outstanding. With patio seating that is *on* the lake, your breath will be taken away. Holding hands, my head on your shoulder, and watching the sun set into the horizon.. what more could be better? This is the perfect place to enjoy a light meal, craft cocktails, and a view you will never forget (I am talking about the lake, not me silly). There is usually a wait because of the popularity, but this location is perfect for the man who wants to grab drinks, get to know a lovely lady, and stare at a stunning view. Best for established clientele.



-*Lake Austin Spa Resort ($$$) – Luxurious is the dominant word to describe this. This is THE all-inclusive getaway. Anybody would enjoy this spot, but especially a man who is looking for the absolute best. Pure Bliss.

-*Becker Vineyards ($$$) – They offer customized experiences so that you can plan your perfect wine-tasting adventure. The group sessions can be fun, but I would highly recommend (from other vineyard experiences) booking your own, personalized stay. A great spot for the gentle and affectionate man who wants to spend a custom experience tasting wine, and enjoying the company of a companion.

-*Zilker Park ($) – Laying in the grass, breathing in the fresh air, and sharing a picnic with a stunning lady, what more could be perfect? Great for anyone who enjoys soaking up the sun’s rays and just relaxing. A deep sigh of relief and (literally) a breath of fresh air.

-Long Center Performing Arts ($$$) – With shows playing all the time you are bound to fine one that interests you (and Hamilton is coming in 2019, AHHH!). Ideal for established friends who want the company of a lady by their side. Pro tip: follow up with one of the dinner options above! Side note, if you somehow manage to get us tickets to Hamilton, I might faint out of sure to catch me.

-*Café Monet ($$) – Select a piece of pottery, and paint! It’s that simple. A unique and fun date idea to let your inner creativite self break through. This is an awesome date for established clients where we can laugh, have fun, and let our creativity shine.

-*Museum of the Weird ($) – Keep Austin Weird, right? An interesting spot for the man seeking something different. This is a general admission museum, so it will not be very private, but it will be strange in the best way possible.