Alexis Montgomery

My 2 Year Anniversary: What Being a Professional Girlfriend has Taught Me

Alexis Montgomery
My 2 Year Anniversary: What Being a Professional Girlfriend has Taught Me

Side Note: I am not a writer, I am a scientist. I try the best I can when it comes to grammar.


On July 11th, 2015, at the young age of 19 years old, I decided to venture into a world I knew nothing about. I had previously been a sugar baby and when I moved to Austin, TX I found it difficult to adjust to being a “real adult” with responsibilities and consequences. I blew through my savings in a snap and had trouble finding a new sugar relationship in a town where I felt like I was suffering from culture shock. I was working retail my 1st year of college and struggled to pay for rent, food, and other necessities.

A few days before I was introduced to this majestic world of companionship, I went on a date with a potential sugar daddy. Way too many drinks later, we came back to my place and as we were chatting I began venting about my struggles, how I was working 40 hours a week and barely had money to live. I confided in him that I was forced to live in the moment and didn’t even want to think about how I would afford to live when classes started back up. It was then that he casually mentioned “you could try being a companion,” and I sort of shrugged it off because in my mind (being ill informed) I thought that was taboo and something that was done out of desperation. After discussing it a bit more and browsing a few local review boards with him, I realized just how big the market was and how normal it was to seek companionship. There are thousands upon thousands of ladies coming from all different backgrounds and appearing in all shapes and sizes. The business is wonderful and full of a variety of beautiful women that are all unique in their own individual ways.

So now that I have told you how I got started, let me share what I have learned throughout my two years providing:

  1. As stated previously, the 1st thing I learned through providing is that all women come in different shapes and sizes. We are each beautiful and unique in our own ways. Putting other providers down whether it’s for the rate they charge, the size they wear or the background from which they came from, is wrong and shows a lot about a person’s (man or woman’s) character. With the variety that is offered within this market, if a certain woman doesn’t appeal to you, then don’t see them! Just because you do not like a lady that does not mean she is not special or worthy. Each provider carries some sort of unique characteristic that someone will fall in love with.

2. A connection is key. I have learned to appreciate a deep connection with someone is one of the most fulfilling feelings anyone can ask for. I love clients that book for 2hrs+ because it really allows us to get to know each other. A connection is what makes you want to keep seeing that provider/client more often and it allows for a beautiful, long-lasting, friendship to be built. 

3. Not everything in sunshine and roses. Since I began on the boards, I noticed many people on boards specifically (not all, but many) book for looks strictly without reading much. Building on point #2, I love a connection, if you’re looking just for a quick fix, I may not be your girl. We can still have a fun and great time together, but it may not be as magical as it could be. I built my website and have a twitter so you can get an inside look at my personality and inner thoughts. While looks are important in this industry, they’re not everything. Side note: 1st impressions are also very important. I take your first few messages very seriously. The way you converse via text/email allows me to get a glimpse of who you are and helps me tell if we will be compatible or not. 

4. Money isn’t everything. I used to want to make it pour constantly. I have come to learn that money does not equal happiness, mental health and well-being need to come first. What I love about being a companion is that I can live comfortably and still have a lot of free time to either focus on classes or do something that I love. Let’s be real, the money is fantastic, but the spare time I receive is more valuable than pieces of green paper.

5. The last thing I have learned from being a professional girlfriend for two years is that I love it! I absolutely love being a companion. I love to meet new people and build connections, I love the free time it allows, I love the flexibility I have in my schedule… I really just love my field of work! I will be around for awhile loves.


Till next time,